Mahjong tables

Mahjong is tipically played on a square table where each side is 60-70 centimeters long, with risen borders to help align the tiles and make them not to fall. Usually it has some drawer to put the point sticks in.

Automatic mahjong tables

The Japanese were the first to introduce automatic tables that mix the tiles and build the wall. They spread out in the 70s and now every mahjong parlour has them.

The price range goes from 300000 to more than a million yen for professional tables and from 200000 to 400000 for domestic tables.
The most advanced tables can keep score calculating the weight of the point sticks in the drawers or with other means.

Some new tables can build the wall and also do the dealing and flipping the dora indicator!

Others can even calculate the score of the hands. Amazing!

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