Mahjong Glossary

This page aims to be a list of all japanese mahjong terminology. Please contact me if something is missing.

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Mahjong Glossary Alphabetical listing
Name Japanese Meaning Description
A ruuru Aルール Ruleset A JPML competition ruleset, which does not include rules like Dabuuru Riichi, Ura Dora, Kan Dora and Ura Kan Dora
Agari 和がり / あがり Win The winning of an hand
Agari no katachi 和がりの形 / あがりの形 Winning form The form of a winning hand in mahjong. (e.g. 4 sets and a pair)
Agaru 和がる / あがる Go out To win a hand (verb)
Aidayonken 間四軒 Gap of four An interval of four between two discarded number tiles. Usually indicates dangerous waits.
Akapai 赤牌 Red Tile Red tiles that count as Doras. An optional rule. Usually the red tiles are 5's.
Anjun 暗順 Concealed Shuntsu A concealed Shuntsu (sequence).
Ankan 暗槓 Concealed Kan A concealed, claimed Kantsu (four of a kind).
Anko 暗刻 Concealed three of a kind A concealed Koutsu (three of a kind).
Anpai 安牌 Safe tile A tile that can be safely discarded with no risk of benefiting other players.
Anzenpai 安全牌 Safe tile A tile that can be safely discarded with no risk of benefiting other players.
Aotenjou 青天井 Skyrocketing Playing with no score limits. Meaning that hand scores are not capped to Mangan, Haneman, etc.
Atama 頭 / あたま Head The Jantou (pair) of the hand.
Atamahane 頭跳ね Head hit A rule that doens't allow multiple Rons. Only the player nearer in turn to the discarder wins.
Atari hai あたり牌 Hit tile The discarded tile that is claimed for Ron win.
Atozuke 先付け Appetizer A rule that allows a hand without a Yaku to Ron only if the winning tile would create a Yaku.
Awaseuchi 合わせ打ち Joint discard Discarding the same tile as someone else to avoid dealing into someone hand.
B rules Bルール B ruleset JPML competition ruleset, which include rules like Dabuuru Riichi, Ura Dora, Kan Dora and Ura Kan Dora.
Ba Round Round of play
Baiman 倍満 Double Mangan Limit hand worth 24000/16000 (dealer/nondealer).
Bakaze 場風 Prevailing wind The prevailing wind of the round. The wind that counts as everyone's bonus tile. Denoted by dealer indicator. Usually east and south.
Barai 払い Payment A payment.
Bazoro 場ゾロ Bazoro The two base Han given by default used when calculating score. In score tables they are usually omitted.
Betaori ベタ降り Folding Focusing only on avoiding to dealing in opponents hand, without trying to win.
Chankan/Kakan 加槓 Kan aggiunto A Kantsu that was upgraded from a Minkou.
Chii チー Chow The call used to make a Minjun from an opponent discard.
Chiicha Maaku 起家マーク Dealer indicator A plate indicating the current prevailing wind and the first dealer.
Chombo 冲合 Penalty A penalty that results in a payment to the other players and restarts the current round.
Chunchan 中張 Inside tiles The numbered tiles from 2 through 8.
Daburon ダブロン Double Ron A rule that allows two players to declare Ron simultaneously on the same discard.
Daiminkan 大明槓 Open Kan An open Kantsu made by calling a discard.
Damaten 黙聴 Silent Tenpai Being in Tenpai without calling Riichi.
Dora Hyouji ドラ表示 Dora Indicator The tile that is the dora indicator.
East East East.
Fanpai 翻牌 Bonus tiles Set of Wind tiles that are your Jikaze or Bakaze, or set of Dragons.
Fu Base points The base points of the hand.
Furiten 振聴 Furiten A rule that prevents winning by Ron if you are waiting on a tile that you have already discarded.
Fuuro 副露 Meld Exposed Mentsu.
Fuutei 副底 Default base points The 20 base points given by defaults to the winning hand.
Genbutsu 現物 Goods A tile that is 100% safe to discard.
Gyakuten 逆転 Upset A win from behind.
Hai Tile Tile(s) used in mahjong.
Haipai 配牌 Tile distribution The initial hand at the beginnign of the round.
Haitei 海底 Ocean Bottom The last drawable tile from the wall.
Han 翻 / 飜 Han Multiplier used to calculate the score. The value of a yaku is measeured in Han. Also the dora value is one Han.
Hanchan 半荘 Half Game A game consisting of one east and one south round.
Haneman 跳満 Haneman Limit hand worth 18000/12000 (dealer/nondealer).
Harabote 腹ボテ Pregnant A Shanpon or Tanki wait embedded inside a Shuntsu (ex. 3445 waiting on 4).
Honba 本場 Continuance count The number of consecutive Ren Chans.
Houjuu 放銃 Shoot Dealing into an hand.

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