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Discard quiz 011 answer

Discard and riichi dora You don’t need to wait that the hand will be changed to Ikkituukan. In a word, you should declare riichi with discarding . It’s better than discarding . Because the former choice has 3 waiting tiles. And you can get equal points for both choices if you will draw a winnig […]

Discard quiz 010

You will fail if you discard by the sense.

The Mahjong for Kids -Introduction-

As I mentioned before, currently I am trying to invent mahjong game for kids. When I say this, many people might think “Why not play Donjara? It’s already there.” Well, Donjara, certainly, is similar game to riichi mahjong. It is often called “an easier version of mahjong game”. Although I cannot completely deny this statement, […]

Proposals for a better world of riichi mahjong

The last time I talked about two major obstacles that riichi mahjong has today. The first, the current Japanese law prohibits many things from mahjong;therefore, there is less chance for pro-mahjong players to earn money for their livings. The second, because of this law and the stereotype that riichi mahjong has been embedded, there is […]

Current Situation of Riichi Mahjong in Japan

This time of my column, I’d like to talk about why I chose to diffuse riichi mahjong to the world. First of all, I must say that the situation of riichi mahjong in Japan today is desperate. In fact, mahjong is restricted under the name of the law. However, it does not mean that we […]

Quick Self Introduction

Hello everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yu Takehana. I am a pro-mahjong player in Japan

Discard quiz 005

There are several ways to make a hand with many tiles to finish.

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