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Discard quiz 017 answer

Discard The choice that is also good, is . However, it is better to shoot growing more high score hand up. For the time being, you discard . And when you pick after this, you should discard and try to make a 678 Sanshoku doujun.

Discard quiz 017

Being restrained to the theory is not good for you Situation: East-4th Turn9 Position: South 34000 pts draw dora

Discard quiz 016 answer

discard dora Discarding is good processing in the early stage of this game. The supreme from this hand is an Junchan tayao (Outside Hand without Honors) and a 789 Sanshoku doujun. But when you will pick or , you should build hand in inside obediently.

Discard quiz 016

There are many possibilities in this hand. But you have only one choice that keeps all the possibilities open. Situation: East-2nd Turn: 5 position: South 25000 pts draw dora

Discard quiz 015 answer

discard dora You have been able to make 4-chances ready for Chinitsu ( ). However, a true shoot is from here. If you will pick and discard , you can make new ready with a big chance for Chuuren poutou (Nine Gates).

Discard quiz 015

It is only mere one Yaku even though concealed Chinitsu ( Full Flush ) is wonderful.

Discard quiz 014 answer

discard dora In case of this hand, you can aim a 567 Sanshoku doujun only when you picked or (actually you had picked ). Therefore, you should give up making Sanshoku doujun. However, if you will pick after this, you can discard and for making Sanshoku doujun again. Not Discarding but previously is a preparation […]

Discard quiz 014

Neither the mahjong nor the life is going as you like, but you may have a last hope.

Discard quiz 013 answer

discard and riichi dora It is no problem to discard and declare riichi. For making a Ikkituukan, your only hope is to go out with . If you discard , this hand has 2-chance() for winning with Tanyao. It is better that you have 2 patterns for higher score than 1 pattern.

Discard quiz 013

This selection is affected by the winning points of this hand.

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